ENS Stands / Mounts Glue Pad Kit

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The ENS Stands/Mounts Glue Pad Kit is the perfect solution for securely mounting your Ingenico stand to countertops. This kit includes a durable glue pad and mounting screws, making installation quick and easy.

Compatible with all ENS stand mounts, whether old or new, this glue pad kit works with a variety of Ingenico models including the iSCXX, iPPXX, iWlXX, Lane, Desk, Move, and more.

With this glue pad kit, you can rest assured that your stand will be firmly secured in place, providing stability and peace of mind. Whether you are using your stand in a retail environment, restaurant, or any other setting, this kit will ensure that your stand stays in place during daily use.

Say goodbye to worrying about your stand moving or shifting on the countertop. The ENS Stands/Mounts Glue Pad Kit is the reliable solution you need to keep your stand securely in place.

Don't let a loose stand disrupt your workflow. Invest in the ENS Stands/Mounts Glue Pad Kit today and enjoy the convenience and security of a stable mount for your Ingenico stand.
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