Ingenico iSC250 / iSC480 / iPP3XX ComBox Kit

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  • Ingenico iSC250 / iSC350 / iSC480 / iPP3XX ComBox Kit
  • Ingenico iSC250 / iSC350 / iSC480 / iPP3XX ComBox Kit - Back Side
  • Ingenico iSC250 / iSC350 / iSC480 / iPP3XX ComBox Kit - Back Side  Cable
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The Ingenico iSC250 / iSC480 / iPP3XX ComBox Kit is a versatile and efficient product designed to enhance your payment processing experience. With its sleek and modern design, this terminal communication box offers a wide range of interfaces and features that make it suitable for various business setups, plus the kit includes umbilical cable

Whether you are using the Ingenico iSC250, iSC350, iSC480, iPP320, iPP320, or iPP350 terminals, the ComBox is seamlessly compatible with all of them. This ensures that you can easily integrate the ComBox into your existing payment infrastructure, making your transition smooth and hassle-free. One of the key features of the ComBox is its ability to extend all interfaces. This means that you can connect multiple devices and peripherals simultaneously, allowing for a more flexible and efficient payment processing setup. With the integrated Ethernet switch, you can easily connect multiple devices to your network, enabling seamless communication and data transfer between them.

The Ingenico iSC250 / iSC480 / iPP3XX ComBox Kit not only provides a versatile interface extension but also ensures secure and reliable payment processing. It is equipped with advanced security features, including PCI PTS V3.0 certification and tamper-evident labeling, to protect sensitive customer data during transactions.

Furthermore, the ComBox is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The bright and intuitive display makes it simple for both merchants and customers to interact with the device, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment experience.

In addition to its exceptional functionality, the ComBox boasts a durable and robust construction. It is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in high-traffic environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

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    Ingnico iSC80 with this Combox No Issues

    Posted by Greg Ellis on Apr 03, 2024

    We were having issues with our old isc480 and slight movement was causing issues. Decided to replace both the box and cable and wow no more headaches, I should have changed them way sooner.

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