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Star Micronics Kiosk Power Supply Adapter

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The Star Micronics Kiosk Power Supply Adapter is a reliable and compact solution to power your kiosk printers efficiently. This OEM Star power supply adapter includes the power supply unit and a connecting cable, providing a seamless setup process. Compared to previous models, this power supply is designed to be smaller in size, making it easy to fit behind the printer or in tight spaces without sacrificing performance.

With an input voltage range of 100-240V and a frequency of 50-60hz at 1.5A, the Star Micronics Kiosk Power Supply Adapter delivers a consistent and stable power output. The output of 24V DC at 2.15A ensures that your kiosk printers receive the necessary power to function optimally.

Ensure continuous and reliable power supply to your kiosk printers with the Star Micronics Kiosk Power Supply Adapter. Whether you are setting up a new kiosk system or replacing an existing power adapter, this product offers the perfect blend of quality, compatibility, and performance to meet your printing needs. Trust Star Micronics for dependable power solutions for your kiosk printing requirements.

Compatible with following Kiosk Printers

  • Star SK1 Series Printers
  • Star SK1-211 Series Printers
  • Star SK1-221 Series Printers
  • Star SK1-311 Series Printers
  • Star SK1-311 SK Series Printers
  • Star SK1-321 Series Printers
  • Star SK1-41 Series Printers
  • Star TUP500 Series Printers
  • Star TUP900 Series Printers
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