VeriFone M400 / M440 Ice Cube USB Cable Assembly

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  • VeriFone M400 / M440 Ice Cube USB Cable Assembly MSC445-006-00-A
  • VeriFone M400 / M440 Ice Cube Ethernet Cable (Top)


The VeriFone M400 / M440 Ice Cube USB Cable Assembly is a versatile and reliable solution for your USB connectivity needs. Designed specifically for the VeriFone M400 and M440 ICE Cube configurations, this USB cable assembly provides seamless communication between your devices and ensures a fast and stable connection.

With a length of 3' (1 meter), this cable assembly gives you the flexibility to connect your VeriFone device to your computer or other USB-enabled devices with ease. The USB-C connector on one end of the cable ensures a secure and reliable connection, while the USB module and power port on the other end provide convenience and expandability options.

The VeriFone M400 / M440 Ice Cube USB Cable Assembly is not only durable but also user-friendly. Its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to rely on it for all your USB connectivity needs. Whether you need to transfer data, charge your device, or connect peripherals, this cable assembly has got you covered.

Perfect for businesses that rely on VeriFone devices, this cable assembly is designed with compatibility and convenience in mind. With its USB support, it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and enables easy data transfer and device management. The Ice Cube configuration ensures a clutter-free workspace, keeping your area organized and professional.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual who values quality and reliability, the VeriFone M400 / M440 Ice Cube USB Cable Assembly is the perfect choice for you. Experience seamless connectivity and enhanced efficiency with this versatile and durable cable assembly. Upgrade your USB connectivity and enjoy the benefits of a stable and fast connection with this exceptional product.
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