VeriFone MX915 / MX925 Power Supply

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The VeriFone MX915/MX925 Power Supply is a reliable and efficient replacement power source for your VeriFone credit card terminals. Specifically designed for use with the MX915 and MX925 series, this power supply ensures that your payment processing system remains up and running.

With an input range of 100-240V and an output of 12V and 1.0A, this power supply delivers a steady and consistent flow of power to your VeriFone terminal. With a power output of 12.0W, you can trust that your terminal will receive the necessary power to operate smoothly and efficiently.

This power supply is easy to install and is compatible with a variety of VeriFone credit card terminals, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking to replace a worn-out power supply or simply want to have a backup on hand, the VeriFone MX915/MX925 Power Supply is the perfect choice.

Don't let a faulty power supply slow down your business operations. Invest in the VeriFone MX915/MX925 Power Supply and ensure that your VeriFone credit card terminals are powered up and ready to process payments with ease. Keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with this reliable and durable power supply.
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