VeriFone P200 / P400 USB / Ethernet / RS232 Cable

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  • VeriFone P200 / P400 USB / Ethernet / RS232 Cable
  • VeriFone P200 / P400 USB / Ethernet / RS232 Cable - Back


The VeriFone P200, P400, Mini USB / Ethernet / RS232 Cable is a versatile and reliable accessory that allows seamless connectivity between your VeriFone P200 or P400 device and other peripheral devices. With multiple available connections, including RS232, Ethernet, Mini USB, and power port, this dongle ensures efficient and hassle-free communication.

The RS232 connection enables serial communication between your VeriFone device and various compatible devices, allowing you to transfer data effortlessly. The Ethernet connection provides high-speed networking capabilities, allowing you to connect your device to a local area network for convenient data exchange.

The Mini USB connection offers a convenient and widely compatible interface, making it easier than ever to connect your VeriFone device to compatible peripherals such as computers or printers. Whether you need to transfer transaction data, update firmware, or establish a data connection, this cable has you covered.

Measuring at a length of 3.28 feet (1 meter), this cable provides ample length to comfortably connect your VeriFone P200 or P400 device to other devices without placing any strain on the cable. This ensures flexibility in setting up your point-of-sale system.

Please note that a power supply is required to power your VeriFone device while using this cable. You can find a suitable power supply for your VeriFone VX805, VX820, P200, or P400 device at the provided link.

Invest in the VeriFone P200 / P400 USB / Ethernet / RS232 Cable to enhance the functionality and connectivity of your VeriFone P200 or P400 device. Whether you need to connect to a local network, transfer data, or establish a secure and reliable connection with other devices, this cable offers the perfect solution. With its multiple available connections and durable construction, this cable ensures lasting performance and seamless integration into your point-of-sale system. Don't compromise on connectivity - choose the VeriFone P200 / P400 USB / Ethernet / RS232 Cable today.

Note: Power supply will be needed and can be found here.

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