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First Data FD35 to USB Extension Cable

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The First Data FD35 to USB Extension Cable is the perfect solution for providing additional length to your FD35 pin pad. This high-quality cable is 7 feet long, allowing you to easily attach it to the end of your pin pad and extend the other end to your First Data terminal. With a total length of 12 feet, this extension cable gives you the flexibility to position your pin pad wherever is most convenient for your business.

This extension cable is specifically designed to work with the First Data FD35 pin pad, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance. The USB connection provides a secure and stable connection, so you can trust that your data is being transmitted accurately and securely.

With the First Data FD35 to USB Extension Cable, you no longer have to worry about being limited by the length of your pin pad cable. Whether you need to position your pin pad further away from your terminal or simply want the freedom to move it around your checkout area, this extension cable is the ideal solution.

Don't let limited cable length restrict your business operations. Upgrade to the First Data FD35 to USB Extension Cable and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a longer cable. Trust in First Data's reputation for quality and reliability, and invest in a cable that will meet your business needs for years to come.
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